Development of town planning documentation

1. Territory surveying project

2. Territory planning project

3. Town-planning justification of the object location

4. Town planning section

5. Development of materials on the justification of urban development plans for land for construction

6. Initial permitting documentation


II. Development of architectural and town-planning solutions

1. General designing

2. Functions of the general designer


III. Development of a statutory album for the preparation of project documentation

IV. Development of design documentation for capital construction projects in accordance with RF Government Decree № 87 of 16.02.2008.

1. Explanatory note

2. Scheme of planning organization of  land plot

3. Architectural solutions

4. Constructive and space-planning solutions

5. Information on engineering equipment, on the networks of engineering and technical support, the list of engineering and technical measures, the content of technological solutions

A) Power supply system

B) Water supply system

C) Water disposal system

D) Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks

E) Communication networks

F) Gas supply system

G) Technological solutions

6. Construction Management Project

7. Project for the organization of work on the demolition or dismantling of capital construction projects

8. List of measures for environmental protection

9. Measures to ensure fire safety

10. Measures to ensure access of persons with disabilities

10 (1). Measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and the requirements for equipping buildings, structures and structures with energy metering devices

10.2. Security Requirements

10.3. Overhaul of residential buildings

11. Estimates for the construction of capital construction (if necessary)

12. Other documentation in cases provided for by federal laws

V. Implementation of works on the organization of preparation of project documentation, attracted by the developer or customer on the basis of the contract by a legal entity or individual entrepreneur (general designer)

VI. Development of working documentation

1. The master plan

2. Architectural solutions

3. Constructive solutions

4. Interiors

5. External water supply networks, sewerage, drains

6. Water supply, sewerage, internal gutters

7. Firefighting

8. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

9. Dust extraction

10. Cold supply

11. Air supply (indoor and outdoor)

12. Thermal-mechanical solutions of heat networks

13. Thermal-mechanical solutions of boiler-houses

14. Power supply

15. Power Electrical Equipment

16. Electric lighting (indoor and outdoor)

17. Communication networks and systems

18. Fire systems

19. Security systems

20. Dispatching of elevators

21. United dispatch system

22. Technological solutions

23. Project of organization of construction

24. Vertical transport

25. Providing access for people with disabilities

26. Automation of engineering systems

27. Estimated documentation (if necessary)

VII. Development of project documentation for conservation, repair, restoration, adaptation and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites (historical and cultural monuments)

Development of design documentation for engineering strengthening of cultural heritage sites.

VIII. Performing calculations of building structures

Perform calculations and studies of building structures 

IX. Design author’s supervision of construction